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  • Bobbi Block

    Love the bean bag chairs…best place to sit and read! Can hardly wait to move into our new place with the large deck so we can fill it with our Modern Bean Bag patio collection.

  • Alina Bezzubik

    “I bought the grey tear drop bean bag chair and I absolutely loved it! It’s such a modern and stylish design that not only it’s comfy, but it looks chic and adds a nice little touch to the room design too! Thank you so much Modern Bean Bag!”

  • Rhonda Smith Mills

    My kids absolutely could not live without their favourite bean bag chairs! The price point and quality of these chairs far surpass any others on the market! Keep up the great work!

  • SocialShopper Team

    “Modern Bean Bag is an excellent company to deal with. Our office ordered 2 Zen beanbags and 2 pods, which arrived earlier then expected! We are thrilled to be able to relax on such a high quality item. The material used for the Zen bags is a very nice leather type fabric that seems very durable! – so comfy!”

  • Tina Pearson

    These bean bags are not only comfortable, they are lush and stylish. A great addition to any room, with so much variety to chose from, and definitely well made. We love ours!

  • Grace Smith

    We ordered the Big Pear and we love it. So comfy and the right size for my husband.

  • Beth Marradino

    There was a few that we wanted to order but we ended up going with the Chillaxer. It is very comfortable. My two youngest fight for it at movie night. We will have to order another one.

  • Katie Sanders

    I ordered the Orange Quicksand and I want to say thank you! It is a perfect splash of color in my living room and bigger than I thought it would be!

  • Trisha O’Donnell

    I ordered the Quicksand for our lounge room and I cannot get my husband out of it. Very comfortable!

  • Kelly Taggart

    I’ve ordered bean bag chairs in the past as my kids love them. When these arrived I could tell right away they were better quality. Thanks Modern Bean Bag!

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