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Q. Why should I choose Modern Bean Bag for my chairs?

Modern Bean Bag has scoured factories all over the world to bring you the best fabrics for your bean bag chairs. These are original fabrics that you will not easily find anywhere else! We stand by our product and guarantee our quality! We offer stylish bean bags at a great price!

Q. How big are the bean bag chairs?

All of our bean bag chairs are different sizes and the measurements are marked beside each product.

Q. What types of materials does the bean bag chair come in?

We use many different types of fabrications. We are experts when it comes to textiles so you won’t see a lot of these fabrics anywhere other than Modern Bean Bag! We work with woven and knit fabrics. Some of our fabrics are Microfiber Leather, Faux Leather (only the best), Velvet, Cotton Stretch, Polyester, Polyester with PVC Coating (for outdoor use), Linen, Suede, Imitation Linen, LPU and Faux Fur (although you could never tell)!

Q. What are the bean bag chairs filled with?

Each bean bag chair is filled with lightweight polystyrene foam beans for maximum comfort.

Q. Will I ever need to refill my bean bag chair?

Nope. Each bean bag chair is filled to perfection. The beans are super durable and will maintain their shape.

Q. How do I clean my bean bag chair ?

We have made our bean bag chairs as stain resistant as possible. If you need to clean your bean bag chair then simply refer to the care and content label on your bean bag chair as every fabric is different. For the most part it is as simple as wiping down the bean bag using a lightly dampened cloth and some mild soap.

Q. Can I put my bean bag chair near heat, like a fireplace or central heating?

Like any other piece of furniture, avoid putting your bean bag chair near direct heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces, for extended periods of time. The bean bag chair is cozy enough!

Q. Is my bean bag chair water-resistant?

Yes some of our chairs are definitely meant for outdoor use but not all of them. Please refer to the product details of each bean bag. Some chairs are marked water resistant which means they repel water but they are not waterproof. Our waterproof chairs will be marked waterproof for outdoor use. The bean bag chair is not a flotation device.

Q. Are the bean bag chairs safe for kids?

Yes they are. We have taken extra measures on all of our bean bag chairs to ensure safety. We use child safe zipper pulls on all of our bean bags which means that you cannot open the bean bag unless you get a paper clip to open it. All bean bag chairs are fabricated with the toughest, most superior materials. This will prevent even the most mischievous kid from reaching the inner foam beans.

Q. Where can I purchase Modern Bean Bag chairs?

You can purchase our chairs through various stores and dealers across North America. Please contact us to find the nearest location. If you are an Interior Designer (Or stage homes), Retailer, Distributor or Dealer and want to carry our line then please contact us to set up an account or you can create an account under “Wholesale” on this website and we can start shipping you right away!

Q. What provider do you ship your bean bag chairs with?

We ship all of our orders with Fedex, UPS or the carrier of your choice. For longer distances and larger orders we ship our product through freight forwarders.

Q. Will I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Yes. You will receive an email with your tracking information once we ship your bean bag chair order.

Q. How long will it take for my bean bag chair to arrive?

Orders typically ship within 2-5 business days. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number which you can use to track your shipment on the Fedex site.

Q. How will my chair arrive?

Your chair will arrive with everything you need for a super comfy chair within minutes. By allowing our customers to fill their own bags we save you a ton on shipping costs. All you need to do is cut the corner of of the bag filled with beads and voila!… The beads pour into the bean bag chair within minutes!

Q. What is your return/exchange policy?

We doubt you’ll have any issues with your bean bag chair but on the off-chance that you do, send us an email at explaining what the problem is.
We offer a Manufacturer Warranty on stitching and zippers.

Q. Privacy & Security

Modern Bean Bag will never sell, lend or rent any personal information you provide during your visit to our bean bag chairs online store. Your personal information is only used with your prior knowledge and consent in order to process and fulfill your order. Your email will be added to our mailing list when you place an order. If you wish to stop receiving these emails from Modern Bean Bag, you can un-subscribe at any time.

Q. Terms of Payment

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